Chitika March 2013 payment proofs

By | March 7, 2013

chitika payment proof March

Website :

On 1st March 2013 i Received a Payment of $340 from Chitika , which is a Search targeted, mobile and local ads network pays good like adsense through paypal, Minimum payout is 50$,

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  3. Vikash Sharma

    Chitika is one of the powerful adsense alternate people is going to left
    Chitika due to they want money in sort time. Please make sure 2 thing before
    using this.

    (1) You have space for text ads.

    (2) Good SEO Work at least 1000 Visitor per day.

    If you have given two think no one can stop you to make
    money from Chitika. People stop blogging due to they are not getting
    response. I want to tell you I have
    started blogging 9 Month back with my

    I used so many adsense but all was in vain. From the last 3 Months I am
    only doing SEO and Getting 250+ Visitor and per day 1$ too. SO be happy do
    strong SEO WORK.


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