payment from chitika January 2013

By | February 1, 2013

Website :

Yesterday i Received a Payment of $440 from Chitika , which is a Search targeted, mobile and local ads network pays good like adsense through paypal, Minimum payout is 50$,

8 thoughts on “payment from chitika January 2013

  1. Johannes V

    i worked from them and leave the office because they are evil…they are tricking their advertisers and publishers with their cheating system! scammers! good for me i worked in a good company now.

    1. myfunn

      Hey Johannes are you Mad … ero-advertising is best … iam using it from last 4 years .. earned more than 40,000 euro … paid me weekly timely > ero-advertising is not scam. they are good pay per click adult ads network .. iam also using exoclick that is also good both working well …

    2. varunkrana

      Hi Jonannes

      both companies are Good …. becoz publisher have no problem. they earning good and getting there payment timely

  2. Johannes V

    @myfunn maybe for you they were good but We already knew their scams…try exoclick they are more better….


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