13 thoughts on “Infinity Ads Payment Proof April 2012

    1. easy luck

      sad …. but these type of lessons are very helpful for future growth
      you try our trusted network…work honestly don’t try to cheat, spam and earn big money.
      soon we will share our some best earning secrets.. just like facebook get connected

  1. Azir Jusufi

    i have lost 51$ from afocus and intersting is that after month ended they put my account in red flag, stupid fucking liers

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  3. anzaq

    Totally disagree with you i am using them from last 2 months and they pay me and i making approx 2 dollar from them they paid me.

  4. Hacking Master

    exactly same problem i faced,it took me 1 year to generate 10$,now it is showing red flag


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