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Contextual Pay Per Click Advertising network payment proofs april 2014

infolinks Payment - april 2014

Website :

Infolinks are the Pay Per Click Advertising network with premium Contextual Ads. They pay me 61$ in April 2014, Paid through paypal and minimum payout is 50$, Good Google Adsense alternative looks now.

Infolinks leads the online advertising industry by driving new revenue opportunities for publishers while overcoming banner blindness for advertisers.

Try The Best adult ad networks for your websites – earning proof April 2014

exoclick Payment - april 2014

Website :

Here we are sharing Top Adult Ads network  Payment proof of $357 for the month of april 2014. exoclick is Good monetization tool for new adult website owner to monetize there worldwide traffic.

Exoclick online since 2006 provide worldwide solutions to monetize all your adult traffics. Multiple ad formats for multiple platforms such as Desktop, Tablet, Mobile with great cpc and cpm rates compare to other ad networks. Accept worldwide traffic for boost their revenues. Payment options are paypal, paxum, payoneer. Threshold payout 20$ on net7 ( weekly), net30 (monthly) basis. Varieties of ads in-video, text, banners, interstitial and pop unders.

short link earn money – Payment from adfly and there alternative

adfly Payment - april 2014

Website : payment proof of $100 in april 2014 by paypal. webmaster and user can make easy money with adfly. short link earn money. when user will give traffic to there shorten url’s. adfly will pay you.

step 1 : Create Account. Alternative :  and

Step 2 : Add your Details Such As your name, Address, Payment Method

Step 3 : Start shortening your url’s and convert them in moneylinks

Step 4 : Share those urls on Social network platforms such Public Forums, facebook, youtube, Google plus, twitter, but keep in mind don’t spam.

step 5 : Buy domain at cheaper cost and Add that in using DNS CNAME setting. That will give you power to share your own domain url’s.

No1 ads network for adult webmaster Payment proof feb 2014

adult ads network - exoclick jan 2014 payment proofs

Website :

Online adult entertainment industry growing more faster than Normal. This is perfect example around 60% online user visit Adult porn Tubes or sites. Here we are sharing no 1 Adult Ads network  Payment proof of $484 for the month of feb 2014. Our last month payment was Biggest from exoclick. Here is ExoClick Payment Proofs of November and December.

Exoclick is Top Adult advertising ads buying and selling company in online adult industry. more than 3 Billion page views exoclick receive. around 60 thousand publisher and advertiser in exoclick. They provide all type of ads, for example ads for web user, ads for mobile user. ads for tablet user too.

our Honest Earning from URL shortening Site payment proofs


Website :

Our Honest payment from Shortest which is 3rd largest shorten link site after & linkbucks. with is site you can use free URL Redirection Service which convert your long url into short url. Here is our payment proof of $156 on 10 Feb 2014 by paypal. is Good Alternative for advertising networks too. If you are looking for new sources of  website sponsor’s then this will nicely fit into your needs. Step 1 : Create Account.